“I regard cats as one of the great joys in the world. I see them as a gift of highest order.”
Trisha McCagh

  Welcome to Beautyfold Cattery!

      Our cattery is focused on a single breed of Scottish Fold & Straight cats. The main goal of our cattery is to produce cats with excellent breed quality, color and health, and with the sweet temperaments that folds/straights are known for. To make sure these pets become your friends and make you happy for long years to come.  Our cats are selected for their great looks and come from breed winning lines from Europe.  All of our cats are raised in our home underfoot and kittens receive plenty of one on one attention and are well socialized and litter and scratcher trained. 

Our cattery offers a variety of colors:

  • Black Silver Classic Tabby – ns22
  • Blue  Classic Tabby Tortoiseshell – g22
  • Black Tortie with White (Calico)  -fs2203
  •  Red Classic Classic Tabby- d22
  • Black Gold Classic Tabby – ny22
  • Cream Classic Tabby –e22
  • Black Gold Spotted Tabby –ny24
  • Black Silver Spotted Tabby –ns24
  • Blue Spotted Tabby –a24
  • Lilac Spotted Tabby –c24

On our site you can find a lot of interesting information about the Scottish breed, find answers to many questions of interest to you regarding the care, education, feeding, veterinary etc. in the “Info” section, to see our graduates and, of course, we will be very happy to help you choose the best kitten in the section   “kittens for sale “.

We wish you a pleasant stay on our website!