Our plans

If you are interested in our kittens you can place your name on the waiting list, click here. Once the litter is born, we will notify everyone on the waiting list via email or by phone. Do you want to have a priority in choosing your fury baby? Then reserve your spot in future litters. Non-refundable deposit of $100 will be counted towards kitten’s sale price. For each pair of parents we accept no more than 4 deposits. The turn will be given according to a date prepayment was received. If for some reason you will not be satisfied with a kitten, the deposit will be transferred to next available litter. We maintain an active list of who is on our waiting list, their position in line on the list and what specifically they may be looking for in a Scottish kitten. You can be on the waiting list for as long as you would like to be while waiting for the purr~fect Scottish kitten. This means you can pass on the kittens from an available litter for a future litter. This can be done as many times as you choose to do so. Your position on the waiting list never falls, it only can increase as those ahead pick their kittens.

Couple 1 – Dionis Panacea Julimax / Kiwi Kisykova World

4 beautiful kittens were born October 21st

Expected Colors: Black Silver Classic Tabby, Brown (Black) Classic Tabby

Expected Eyes colors: Copper, Yellow

Couple 2 – Dionis Panacea Julimax / Queen Elizabeth Fluffy Grace

7 beautiful kittens were born September 9th

Expected Colors: Black Silver Classic Tabby, Calico, Black Bi-color, Cream Classic Tabby, Black Smoke, Blue Ticked Tabby

Expected coat: Shorthair, Longhair

Expected eyes colors: Copper, Yellow, Green

Couple 3- Dionis Panacea Julimax /Sannibel Marta

Mating took place ! We expect kittens in November

Expected Colors: Black Silver Spotted Tabby, , Blue Silver Spotted Tabby, Black

Expected eyes color: Copper

Couple 4 – Dionis Panacea Julimax / FLUFFY GRACE GUCCI

Mating took place ! We expect kittens in November

Expected Colors: Black Silver Classic Tabby, , Black Bi-color, Black, BROWN (BLACK) SPOTTED TORBIE/BICOLOR

Expected eyes color: Copper