Our cattery

Beautyfold is small family cattery located in Newmarket, Ontario.

Esenia, my first Scottish Fold Queen

I would like to tell you a little how it all began. I have had cats all my adult life. At first I had Siberian cats. The first Scottish cat came to me in 2002. I saw her at the cat show and was fascinated by her grace, plush coat and unusual ears. I have never seen a cat with fold ears before and was amazed at her piercingly touching look. Her name was Esenia. She was a Blue Scottish Fold. The second representative of the Scottish breed I had appeared in 2004. It was Lilac Scottish Straight male with name George. I bought him because I was going to immigrate to Canada and I knew that there was impossible to find a cat for mating with my Esenia.

George, my first Scottish Straight Sire

In 2004 I brought Esenia and George to Canada. Gradually I acquired other cats for breeding because I fascinated by this and realized that this breed is also very popular among Canadians. At that time only a few people in Ontario were breeding Scottish Fold.

In 2014 I started to breed new line of Scottish cats -in silver colors with marble pattern.  I brought a Scottish Straight male Black Silver Classic Tabby from Europe. It was a gorgeous cat. In his family were world champions. He promoted my breeding to another level. I began to breed cats of other colors for me more attractive and modern. Under it I began to bring Scottish Fold females from Europe with a marble pattern of different colors but marble silver prevailed. New breeding lines, new colors, in general, new genetics of cats were required. I tried to achieve the brightest silver and a clear pattern. And it succeeded.

I am always looking forward to the delivery of new babies. And when the expected litter of kittens is born then for us it is a real holiday! When you purchase a kitten from the Beautyfold Cattery you will enjoy it all your life as well.

Best to you and yours,